Habib Ferdous is a serial entrepreneur from New York, USA. He is an accountant and financial advisor by education and a software developer by passion. He obtained his MBA from Hertfordshire, England and his MSA from City University of New York. He holds many professional certificates from companies like Google, Freshbooks, and Quickbooks.

He had a long accounting and finance career where he worked as a full-time employee and as a vendor for various projects for fortune 500 companies like Capital One, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte, PWC.

Since 2017, he has started his accounting practice alongside his software company, Coreibytes. He manages a team of over 50 people on 4 continents around the world.

What I Do


In his daily life he runs several businesses including his companies Coreibytes, Zwuits, Appreify, Epsilon Accounting, and Nifty Accounts. He also sold three businesses after making them profitable.

His Mentor

He is mentored by Nobel Laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus (Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama) who is also known as the father of microeconomics.


Giving back to the community comes very natural to Habib; he mentors students from CUNY as a Career Advisory Board Member. He also is a massive contributor to scholarship programs at Texas Tech University.

Nifty Community

With his vast understanding of accounting, finance, marketing, and business in general, Habib Ferdous knows how to make businesses profitable. He is building the community for three projects under the umbrella of NiftyMuslim.