Nifty Muslim

The collection is created and maintained by his company Coreibytes Inc.– a team of nerds, achievers, and dreamers; a well-established software company based in the New York, Texas, Finland, and Bangladesh.

The team worked on numerous NFT and Crypto projects for their clients, this is the time to start their own journey to the Niftyverse (metaverse). The project ties three biggest components together to achieve the audacious dream Habib has been pursuing.

The first piece of the puzzle is creating the NFT collection of Nifty Muslim Sisters and Nifty Muslim Brothers. Once this two-collection launch successfully, right away, they will launch Nifty Muslim Coins.

The coin will be used in Nifty Muslim Verse as a primary form of transactions.

It will also be available in the other platforms Coreibytes has developed in the past and will develop in future, for example: crowdfunding, social media, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce systems.

There are at least 4 different platforms are ready to implement the token as primary payment option.

Coin Highlights

  • One Quadrillion
  • Burn on Launch
  • One Time Allocation
  • Donation Wallet
  • Passive Income
  • NFT Holders Benefits
  • Liquidity Lock
  • Automatic Burn
  • Developer Wallet Lock